Liébana & Camaleño Valley


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Hiking in Picos de Europa | Five hiking routes & tips

Enjoy the mountains with our selection of hiking trails in Picos de Europa and do it safely. We have added to this guide of hiking routes in the Liébana and Camaleño Valleys nine tips prepared by an expert mountaineer from the area who knows the mountains and the weather conditions of the Picos de Europa.
We want you to come, to enjoy your experience in a rural hotel in Picos of Europe such as Peñas Arriba that you take advantage of your getaway and, above all, we want you to get to know our surroundings and discover the most spectacular routes to walk in the mountains.

Led by an expert mountaineer from the area, we have created a selection of routes in Picos de Europa so that, regardless of your experience, you can choose the mountain route that best suits you. Among our routes you will find proposals for all tastes, difficulties and time available to do it.

Hiking in Picos de Europa: Start from the hotel

Route of the Ports of Edes

Difficulty of the route: high.
Estimated time round trip: 4 hours 30 minutes
Distance: 9km. with a difference of 910 meters

We have to take the beginning of the route from the top of the village. We start between meadows, apple trees and chestnut trees. The path follows a forest track to cross a magnificent oak tree. It is quite outstanding especially in its final section, where the arboreal vegetation gives way to the high mountain pastures and bushes.
This last section is the most difficult because of its high slope. You reach the incomparable Edes, which dominates the entire valley.

rutas de senderismo picos de europa liebana camaleno
rutas de senderismo picos de europa liebana mineria

Hiking in Picos de Europa: Routes for experts

Mining Roads Route

Difficulty of the route: High mountain
Estimated time 8 hours 30 minutes round trip.
Distance: 7 km of ascent and others of descent with great unevenness of 1770 meters.

Suitable only for experienced mountaineers, as we are already in the domain of the angular limestone.

The road runs parallel to the Lon river, crossing meadows and oak groves along a forest track. When leaving the forest, in a clear area, between ferns, we leave the main track continuing to the right (signal Canal de las Arredondas) by another track less traveled, the old mining road. Here you can see the old remains of mining quarries.
The track, after crossing the River Lon, narrows and is erased as it rises up the channel. As we ascend by its stony rocky we will find remains of walls, entrances to mining galleries. It is very important to be aware of the risks involved in ascending with slopes, where fog or sudden changes of time can occur in the 6 hours of the climb.

Hiking in Picos de Europa: Circular routes from the hotel

Circular Route: “Lon – Brez Circuit”

Difficulty of the route: easy
Estimated time: 3 hours
Distance of 6,9 km and a difference of 390 meters
Lovely way to take advantage of the old road between the villages of Lon and Brez.
Part also along the road that ascends parallel to the Lon river until reaching the limit with the rock. Here we always follow the forest trail that leads us to the village of Brez on the high side, next to the church. Once in Brez, we have to cross the village to the lower part of it and look for the track that between meadows allows us to return to Lon.

rutas de senderismo picos de europa liebana camaleno brez
rutas de senderismo picos de europa liebana camaleno pueblos

Hiking routes in Picos de Europa: Routes between towns

Route of the Towns of Camaleño

Difficulty of the route: Medium.
Estimated time: 4 hours 30 minutes
Distance: 12,3 km with 360 meters of rise slope and 360 of descent.

Impressive path of magnificent views first towards the valley and later towards the Peaks. We start from Lon by the road that joins this town with Brez and later with Tanarrio by the road that unites the two towns.
After a kilometer along the road that leads down to Camaleño, we will find a track that descends to the right and that unites us with Tanarrio. From this village we ascend the road to Mogrovejo. After touring this medieval village we descend to the village of Los Llanos.
Here we pass by the old stone bridge and right opposite part of the path that to the middle slope of Peña Subiedes goes down to the town of Camaleño. Here we look for the road that leads to the town of San Pelayo and ascend along the road the last kilometer and a half to the Hotel Peñas Arriba.

Hiking routes in Picos de Europa: Visiting a unique place

Route of Santo Toribio de Liébana

Difficulty of the route. Easy.
Estimated time. 3 hours 30 minutes round trip.
Distance: 9.5 km with a difference of 160 meters of descent and 300 months of climb.

Descend to the town of San Pelayo by the road. After passing a carpentry ship, a path is opened on the left that will take us to Beares. After this small town one should head to the road of Potes C 185 and cross it, observing a rural road that ascends to the town of Congarna, which has to be taken.
From Congarna you climb a concrete track to the Hermitage of San Miguel, with a privileged view of the Picos de Europa. From here, about 500 meters along the road take us to the Monastery of Santo Toribio.

rutas de senderismo picos de europa liebana toribio

And, in addition, nine tips to enjoy the mountain safely


Choose the route well

Choose the route being honest with ourselves, so as not to face an excessive effort for our abilities.

Always carry your mobile phone and know the emergency number

In the event of any type of problem, the mobile phone can be useful, although the coverage in Picos de Europa is not complete. The telephone for these situations is 112 emergencies.

With altitude, the weather becomes unpredictable

In elevated areas, the weather sometimes undergoes sudden changes. Before leaving, one has to inform one of the weather forecast. In the event of being surprised by a storm or closed fog, it is best to put on a coat and wait for conditions to improve and the path to follow becomes clear.

Don't go to the mountain by yourself

Climbing the high mountains (above 1,400 or 1,500 meters) alone is not recommended and in this case, clear notice of the itinerary should be left.

The duration of the route is an estimate

An approximate timetable for completing each route has been established for a person who walks at a relaxed pace and without long stops. In some of the excursions, the distance in kilometers is not very indicative, since sometimes very large slopes are overcome in a few kilometers. The estimated schedule is more indicative in these cases.

respect nature

Respect for the nature, buildings and the environment in general will help us preserve this magnificent area in optimal conditions.

Very important; Bring water and food

It is necessary to carry an adequate supply of water for all excursions.

Pay attention to clothing and footwear

From 1,200-1,300 meters above sea level, the terrain is generally rocky with many loose stones. A trekking boot-type shoe is the most recommended for our feet, as well as a warm garment. Likewise, adequate protection against the sun must be worn.

Enjoy a magical place like Los Picos de Europa

And the best recommendation of all, enjoy the mountains, breathe fresh air and admire the impressive landscapes that the Picos de Europa offer you.

Keep discovering the best plans in Picos de Europa